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Faithwalking is creating a community of disciples of Jesus who are being personally transformed and who are catalysts, mobilizing Christians to become the functioning body of Christ in their neighborhoods, workplaces and 3rd places - to serve the poor, the marginalized, and those in need; to work for the common good, to restore individuals, social systems, communities and nations to God's design.

Personal Transformation

It starts with the Faithwalking 101 retreat where we explore the meaning of radical obedience to God, the power of a reflective life with God, and the characteristics of an authentic community that reflects God's Kingdom. After the retreat, the Faithwalking 201 series becomes a path of freedom as we begin to walk in obedience and fully experience these realities in our lives.

Community Transformation

What does the Kingdom of God look like in your neighborhood? Faithwalking 301 launches the journey of community transformation, followed by the Faithwalking 401 series, that equips groups of followers of Jesus Christ, to become effective Missional Communities catalysts, to serve the poor and marginalized, to work for the common good, and to restore communities to God's design.

Transformation Education

Education that sustains transformation. Ongoing seminars are designed to keep our transformation alive as we work toward building a community with a shared vision and seeing the Kingdom of God restored in our relationships, communities, and our city. Missional Marriage workshops are also a valuable part of the Ongoing Transformation Education offered by Faithwalking.

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