Faithwalking is creating a community of disciples of Jesus who are being personally transformed and who are catalysts, mobilizing Christians to become the functioning body of Christ in their neighborhoods, workplaces and 3rd places – to serve the poor, the marginalized, and those in need; to work for the common good, to restore individuals, social systems, communities and nations to God’s design.


What is Faithwalking


We believe that the fully alive life is the one Jesus models. It is a missional life and it is the life that each of us is called to live. Faithwalking is a spiritual formation journey that leads participants to take steps toward an integrated, missional life.
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Faithwalking Courses Overview


Our courses are created to prepare and mobilize Christians to become catalysts in their communities, to become the functioning body of Christ. We believe transformational learning involves practice that gets us into action and purposeful reflection via dialogue.
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Compass Initiative


The Compass Initiative is dedicated to mastering and spreading the art of missional leadership. Compass primarily serves churches and nonprofits but is not limited to them. What Does the Compass Initiative Offer? In a word: HOPE.
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If you are seeking a way to stay connected and continue your transformation journey, we highly recommend joining a KAT Group. These are groups of 5 to 8 people meeting once a month for an hour and fifteen minutes.

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