Why Take Faithwalking 202?

10 Reasons to Take Faithwalking 202:

  • Continue to keep transformation alive in your life

  • Grow in your emotional maturity

  • Grow in mastery of key Faithwalking principles

  • Understand the principles of emotional systems better

  • Increase your capacity for intimacy

  • Get clearer about guiding principles for your life

  • Understand how to establish personal boundaries

  • Get personal coaching

  • Learn to listen well

  • Increase your capacity as a leader

Going Deeper Into Personal Transformation

Register for an upcoming 202 course to more fully integrate personal transformation practices and principles into your life.

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Going Deeper into Personal Transformation


How does Faithwalking 202 work? 

  • Thirteen (13) seventy-five minutes sessions held weekly on a Zoom call, Google Hangout, or alternative videoconference with a leader.
  • Weekly homework to be presented electronically to your FW 202 leader.
  • Apprenticeship phase (optional).

For those who want to serve as a Faithwalking leader (FW 101 retreat presenter, seminar facilitator, or a coach), upon completion of the FW 202 sessions, notify your leader of your choice. He/she will connect you to the apprenticeship program of your choice.

How much does it cost to participate in Faithwalking 202?

Faithwalking 202 is $175. Scholarships are available upon request and approval.


What is the cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend the FW 202 offering you registered for, you must cancel your participation TWO weeks in advance to be eligible for a refund or to move your registration to a future date. If you do not cancel your participation TWO weeks in advance your payment will not be refunded. To reschedule for a future date you will have to pay the fee again. We do understand that unexpected illness and emergencies come up. We will handle these instances on a case-by-case basis. Please notify us if this is your reason for cancelling your participation. 

What do I do next?

To register for Faithwalking 202, go to the Faithwalking 202 registration page, fill out the registration form and then complete the payment process. Once you do that, you are signed up and ready to go. We will be following up with more information closer to your event date. 


You must complete Faithwalking 201 before registering for Faithwalking 202.


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