Too Busy For Marriage

In this Missional Marriage Workshop...

Marriage requires TIME--something most of us feel we don't have enough of. Yet some really busy people have thriving, vibrant marriages. How do they do it? 

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A little more context...

In this workshop, we won't tell you to spend more time together--you already know that. Instead, we’ll learn:

  • research-based skills and guiding principles that will help us use the time we do have together wisely, so that we can build strong connections in spite of our busyness.
  • practical and fun ways to prioritize couple time
  • how people see time differently and how that affects our relationships. 

Everyone is welcome to attend MM workshops--there is no Faithwalking prerequisite. 

For more information or questions please contact Trisha Taylor by email or by phone 512-922-4000 

Join us to explore the possibilities of missional living both individually and together as a couple

A missional marriage workshop for when you feel too busy for marriage